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Typically, our clients achieve results within 10 sessions, which is why we consider it a benchmark.

10 Sessions

RM697 RM300 Per Session

(55% Discount)

Here's What You Will Get:

  • Remove inner obstacles that prevent moving toward the goals you desire;
  • Moving forward with strength and determination, even in times of weakness, disappointment, or uncertainty, is a testament to our unwavering courage and resilience.
  • Align with your relationships and partnerships to enhance happiness and joy in your life, career and business;
  • Find Your "WHY and Purpose - Purpose and Your Why will lead you to a fulfilled and happy life.
  • Learn How To Brand Yourself - Personal branding is about self discovery. It reflects your authentic self.
  • Get Direct guidance to become a successful entrepreneur - You need a pair of ears to listen to your problem and guide you along your entrepreneurship journey.
  • Gain Business Not found in book - We gain business from experience. These insights are wisdom that help you to make quick and wise decision.

What Others Say About Bernard...

“I have been lost, failed in endeavours, in so much doubt of myself and at the brink of giving up on my goals and dreams. I don’t know how to articulate this, but he came in unexpectedly and at the time I needed a mentor very badly. His presence in my life made me feel rich in that spiritual way and shown me how to think and live simply by being himself. You can feel his sincerity and dedication to help others to succeed, in such a calm and collected manner. I’ve never met someone like Bernard, you can take my words for it.”

Catherine Ooi

Content Creator

“I’m extremely grateful to Mr Bernard Eng for the eye-opening experience he provided for me, during the free 45 minute sustainability coaching session. Thank you Mr Bernard Eng, for letting me see for myself, what I really want to do with my life. You made me realise that, and more! I would personally recommend Mr Bernard Eng’s coaching sessions, as I’m hooked by the empathy he brought to the table too. Thank you. Will be working with him in future, as circumstances collides.”

Poorani Kannan

Research Assistant

“I am very happy that I have a chance to talk with Bernard. He is very professional. Not only this, he is friendly, open-minded and real to you. He is ready to help you either in entrepreneurshipor green business which may help you to get clear for your goal. I personally start from 0, now I have my own business. Highly recommend!”

Loon Kuan Yuan

Sales Funnel Consultant

“Highly recommended if anyone wants to find practical-economic solutions on how to transform your business into a lesser environmental impact business. The Founder – CEO, Mr. Bernard is a very friendly and ease to talk to person. Mr. Bernard can realize your idea on how you want to improve on your business environmental sustainability performance at the same time able to enhance on company/operation savings and so on.
His solution is a win-win situation for environment and economics in business. Thank you Mr. Bernard and team for providing such impactful, sustainable and practical business solution.”

Yong Jeffery Zi Jun

“If I have to tell you about Mr. Bernard I think I have to write a whole paragraph. But in short three words that explain him the best are: 1. Honest 2. Leader 3. Inspirational. During the Pandemic everyone’s life has changed, and to be honest I was having some low self esteem issues. I was having the lack of confidence on my career. I never had the intentions to become an entrepreneur. But after I’ve met Mr. Bernard he has changed my mindset just in a couple of weeks. He got me so motivated that now I really wanna become an entrepreneur in the future. I really don’t know how to thank him enough for guiding me to the right path. But I really appreciate you Mr. Bernard!”

Abu Sufian

Motion Graphic Designer


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Being a kind and compassionate person can lead to a fulfilling life, free from anxiety, where you can pursue the things you care about and love. @ Bernard Eng Business Coach @2023

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