My Story


Hi, I’m Bernard Eng

And most people know me as:

The Founder and CEO of Bernard Business Consulting Pte Ltd

a pioneer in sustainability consulting that won many clients’ hearts in turning environmental problems to profitable business opportunities and growing fast.

The Author of The Power of Sustainability

with the purpose to create self-awareness about the importance of sustainability in their business and personal lifestyle.

The Trees For Life

since the first volunteer tree planting in Raja Musa Forest Reserve 2009, my life inspiration has always been driven by nature. Later, I was appointed into the Advisory Board of Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam and successfully executed Zero Carbon City 2030. Trees are my life’s calling and I am happy fundamentally.

The Creator of Sustainable Innovative Solutions

a new way to see sustainability as a norm and every problem could be solved with a balanced mind, for example, Greenhouse Solar Dryer, Glasito Eco Window, etc.

A Speaker and Leader

working to evolve the fundamental systems that shape our lives – including green education, balanced work culture, practice meditation as a way of life, and non-profit activism (you might have seen my initiative on Eco-Warrior, Raleigh, Green Drinks).

But the above are just labels we attach on people to make sense of them.

So on this page, I’d like to show you the real me.

You see, I believe the human species is capable of doing extraordinary things. More than any other known species, we have breathtaking ability to grow, create, explore, love and solve challenges. The key to awakening this potential is UNITY. We need to come together – which is in fact our natural state. Yet instead of uniting us, many of the systems, institutions, and beliefs governing the world today are dividing us.

I’m a householder, and I want my family to live in a better world. I want my family members to inherit love and the awakened world. A world where discrimination, racist, corporate greed, a corrupted economic system, and ignorance have finally disappeared in the face of humanity’s limitless potential for growth and co-creation.

I believe the solution to that world lies in raising human consciousness. Which means evolving the way people learn, grow, work, and co-create. Inspired by Shonda Rhime’s quote, “Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.” I set out to start a new type of consulting company, one focused on unifying the world and helping people in need, especially people who are impacted from climate change.

Bernard Business Consulting was born.

I believe that a person can only realise their fullest potential when they’re in a constant state of growth. And though my work with Bernard Business Consulting, transformation has become the primary driver of my life.

And today we’re a team of some 20 people from 11 countries working to build a new type of business sustainability system that defies all the traditional rules of “economy”.