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About Bernard Eng

Throughout his journey, Bernard worked as an engineer, policymaker, volunteer, speaker, academician, etc. He is disappointed that there is no impactful and long term solution to solve environmental problems. He wants to make that change to find the answer and he knew business was the way forward. Hence, he started an environmental-based consulting business and it changed his life. The business gained transactions and growing organically around the world.

“Embedding business sustainability is the key to success and it should be every business’s norm. I’m here to show you how. And it’s awesome when we do it TOGETHER.”

Bernard Eng

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Bernard is comitted, reliable, enthusiastic and inspirational. He has got all the ingredients you want to have on your team as a leader and motivator. Great speaker and instructor as well .....​
Matthias Gelber
A passionate and green power driven leader, eager to communicate in an effective way and open to different comments from various cultural and ideological backgrounds.
David L
Knock Knock Education
Professionally competent, trustworthy and very dependable A person of great humility and compassion​
Cw Tan
Owner, Sungaibutt Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.​​
The passion that Bernard possessed in educating people to protect Mother Nature is highly contagious. I have personally attended his eco talk and I could tell that he is charismatic, capable and committed in green. Having said that, Bernard is a unique individual that possesses both the trait of an entrepreneur and a big heart for Mother Nature. I trust that this will take him far in whatever he choose to pursue and be a great asset for any company that employs him.
She Mei Tan
Waste Manager
Despite having a big group of audience (approx 800 people), he manage to catch their attention by telling an interesting polar bear story! With that story, he manage to capture the student's attention where they can relate with environmental impacts they may have to our world. Most impressive of all, after the talk, Bernard spend quality time with the students by engaging them and inspiring them in making the change. I can personally feel his passion in this field and i believe the students and teachers felt it too!
Amiratul Hasanah
Chemical Engineering Graduate
Bernard was our guest 'Green' speaker at the Australian International School Malaysia on Friday 2 June 2017. His audiences ranged from 3 to 17 year old school students. Bernard was able to communicate clear messages and motivate students about what they can do to improve sustainability, at school, home and in the wider community. He also encouraged older students to consider ways to volunteer and get involved in community actions.
Sue Skinner
Science Teacher, Middle School